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VBiz – IDentity Theft For Dealerships

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in the world. Leaving business’s exposed to million dollar lawsuits, bad publicity and additional lost goodwill.

VBiz is the comprehensive safety net that protects your dealership, your employees and YOUR customers should you encounter a breach.

Did You Know?

FBI Statistics show that over half of all cyber crime is a result of human error. This means that while your dealership may not be the target your dealership is exposed. From employees that lose laptops with company information on them or have been victims of auto breakins,ツ to technology patches and updates that have not been installed, the ways key information is accessed and compromised is limitless.

Fortunately, VBiz is available to completely cover you and the dealership in ANY event.

How Do I Learn More?

We can set up an in person meeting at your dealership or set up a WebEx presentation for you. Whichever is most convenient. Let’s start with a quick phone call or email to get you some key information.

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