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Key ID with Maintainツョ
The Essential APP – NEW for 2018!

Key ID is the latest product offering that separates you from your competition. Using blue tooth technology, Key ID provides your clients a branded key tracking fob so they won窶冲 lose their keys. The offering also has many benefits including a mileage beacon and push messaging capabilities. A benefit that extends from service notifications to warranty updates and cheap gas finder.

Dealer Benefits:

  • Dealer-branded key fob and mileage beacon
  • Dealer-branded mobile app
  • Dealer-branded fulfillment package
  • Easy to use 窶徘ush窶 messaging campaign manager:
    Pre-Paid maintenance reminder in real miles
    Missed opportunity product offering
    Communicate directly with the customer through the app

 mileage tracker from Key ID

Installation of Key ID requires ZERO integration and can be up and running in days.

Email us or give us a call at 866-912-7872 for a no-obligation demonstration.

Customer Benefits
  • Never lose your keys again
  • Know when your vehicle maintenance is due
  • Mileage tracker lets you always know when and what service is due
  • Save money finding the lowest gas prices at home and on the road
  • Your protection plan contract is always available on the Maintain mobile app
  • Geo-locate the nearest repair facility and roadside assistance
  • 1 click vehicle towing
  • 1 click to schedule your maintenance with your selling dealership
  • Earn valuable rewards points from your selling dealership

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