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MBOSS – A Total Anti-Theft Solution


Over a million vehicles are stolen every year in the United States. That is one every 20 seconds! Most are never recovered, or are recovered with extensive and costly damages. Since most people carry a significant deductible on their insurance policy, auto theft can result in substantial out of pocket costs to vehicle owners. Compounded with the potential loss that can arise from Identity theft as a result from electronic devices and documents found in cars, having a solution to offer from a team that specializes in protecting your customers investment makes good sense.


The Vero Traceable Theft Protection Plan is a highly effective way to keep your customers vehicle safe from professional thieves. The Vero Traceable Theft Protection Plan provides a unique identification code that is permanently affixed to their  vehicle. Because thieves know that vehicles equipped with such protection systems are easily traceable by police, they frequently will seek out an easier target.

Insurance companies know that the Nation Safe drivers traceable Theft Protection Plan is an effective theft deterrent, therefore this program meets many insurance carrier窶冱 requirements for anti-theft system premium discounts.

When you sell MBoss, your customers also receive our class leading IDTheft Recovery service to cover all the bases.

The Benefits of Fully-Managed Identity Theft Recovery Service
  • Personal FCRA-Trained Recover Advocate
  • Personalized ID Recovery Plan
  • Handling of All necessary Research, Communications and Case Documentation
  • Contacting and Filing Disputes with Creditors, Bill Collectors, Banks, Mortgage Companies, agencies (DMV, SSA, USPS)
  • Pro-Active Follow-up for 12 Months

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our program, that we will provide you with robust financial benefits in the event that the system fails to deter the theft of your vehicle. Only Vero窶冱 Traceable Theft Protection Plan provides real financial help when you need it most:

In the event that your vehicle is stolen and not recovered, or in the event that it is recovered but declared to be a total loss, you will become eligible for the following:

  • A cash benefit that you can use towards the purchase or lease of a replacement vehicle, to cover your deductible, or to apply towards any other expenses that you may encounter.
  • Down Payment Assistance-when you return to your selling dealership, you can receive an additional benefit that will be paid to the dealership towards the down payment on a replacement vehicle.

In the event that your vehicle is stolen and recovered damaged (but not totaled), you will be eligible for reimbursement of up to $1000 to pay your primary insurance deductible. In either event, you will be eligible for rental reimbursement expenses of up to $25 per day for 10 days.

You will enjoy the secure feeling of knowing that you are protected by the Nation Safe Drivers Traceable Theft Protection Plan.

Fast response and excellent service are just two reasons why millions of motorists rely on Nation Safe Drivers for on-the-road protection.

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