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Pre-Paid Maintenance

Our Pre-Paid Maintenance (PPM) solution is a fully customizable customer retention and loyalty program designed to put dealers back in the drivers窶 seat. Our program is a unique, turnkey solution that adopts our build it/price it profit strategy that is completely dealer controlled and focused on revenue generation.

This solution is powered by Driv邃「, our proprietary dealer owned accounting, marketing & service tracking software. PPM is 100% web-based and comes with a unique portal designed to give dealers access to real time information on their customers, their sales and their average repair orders. View information via a customizable dashboard, a powerful tool with easy to understand reports that increase sales right at the point of customer visits.


窶「 100% dealer controlled
窶「 Fully customizable – you control pricing, service selections, and reimbursements
窶「 You keep the money in store or reinsure
窶「 Software integrates seamlessly into most DMS systems
窶「 Available for new and used cars
窶「 Includes a complete suite of dealer branded point-of-sale displays and marketing collateral
窶「 Includes free on-site installation and training


窶「 Increases revenue generation 窶 you keep 100% of the profit
窶「 Allows you to receive 100% spoilage of unused service visits
窶「 Proven to increase customer retention up to four (4) times the industry average
窶「 Brings increased brand awareness and customer loyalty

Fidelis is a wholly owned brand of VERO LLC and is the leader in Pre-paid maintenance programs for car dealers. If you want customer loyalty and additional revenue our prepaid maintenance program is second to none.

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