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Auto Essentials


Auto Essentials is a bundled package ofツcoverages to protect your members fromツnormal driving incidents and out-of-pocketツexpenses. It can also help minimize theツdecrease in value of their vehicle.

The package includes coverage for lost keys or remotes; windshield chips and cracks; dings and dents; tire repairs or replacement and cosmetic repair of wheels (rims) due to road hazards or pot holes. These repairs are notツtypically covered by insurance policies or theツmanufacturer窶冱 warranty.

As an additional benefit, twenty-four hour roadside assistance and towing, emergency service, fluid or gas delivery, flat tire changes, jump-starts, and lockout service is included.


In most cases, service can be performed at a location of the member窶冱 choosing, either at home, work, or a repair facility. The member simply calls the service department and assistance is dispatched to their location.


Tire Service: The changing of a flat tire with an inflatable spare.

Mechanical First Aid: Any service requiring a minor adjustment to enable a disabled vehicle to proceed under its own power.

Battery Service: Jump-starting a vehicle with a booster battery.

Delivery Service: Covers the cost of delivering needed fuel or fluid to the disabled vehicle窶冱 location.

Locksmith Service: If keys are lost or locked inside the vehicle, a locksmith will be dispatched for service.

Towing Service: Towing or winching of disabled vehicles.

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