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Identity Theft


Educational Institutions face greater challenges and expenses than ever before in protecting the security of their data and preventing fraud.

Data Breach events continue to escalate and many institutions do not have the manpower or the resources to fight.

Additional revenue is needed to maintain the risk management infrastructure and offset these expenses and potential losses.


IDProSelect provides enhanced mitigation of Fraud/Data Breach events, increased ID theft protection for students, and an offset of expenses associated with the Security Infrastructure within your organization while providing an opportunity for additional income. The end result is a stronger risk mitigation infrastructure and an increase in revenue to your bottom line!

Value Exchange
  • Student & Family realizes an immediate value typically priced at $120 per year
  • Student & Family are provided full recovery and restoration for ALL forms of ID Theft & Fraud.
  • Security assessment is nominal so it reinforces the fact that the institution is keeping costs to a minimum with maximum safety value.
  • The institution can waive fees as needed for the appropriate level of student care
Institution Benefits
  • Detects fraud early to warn of data breach and limit damages
  • Covers breach incidents to save time, legal fees and help reduce legal exposure to FTC
  • Vets out student fraud/ID theft claims using professional identity theft investigators Processes, tracks and resolves FACTA Red Flags
  • Generates revenue via nominal Security Assessment fee to Students
    Member Benefits
  • Provides professional identity theft resolution for students & their family through certified Advocates
  • Limits fraud damage by managing student case with limited power of attorney
  • Resolves fraud quickly and without hassle with experts doing the legwork
  • Pursues criminal evidence to prevent future losses
  • Documents activity in a law enforcement-grade case file
  • Provides one 窶土ear proactive follow-up and free monitoring

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