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Identity Theft

Vero provides you with services to help protect your most valuable assets窶蚤ll the people associated with your financial institution. Your employees, account holders and business accounts get the protection they need through a full suite of identity theft and data breach products.


Protection for the entire financial institution.

Vero窶冱 IDProSelect provides your financial institution with data breach & fraud protection while addressing its overall risk management needs and compliance with federal laws. Additionally, IDProSelect gives complete recovery services for all forms of identity theft to your account holders, employees, officers and board members. Vero窶冱 IDProSelect is an excellent solution that increases the value proposition you offer in maintaining and growing your accounts.

  • Data breach and fraud protection for your financial institution
  • Protects all of your account holders and employees窶蚤nd their families
  • Full data breach recovery services for your financial institution to comply with federal & state laws
  • Generate non-interest income while providing account holders unparalleled value


Business-to-business protection.

There窶冱 a lot at stake for businesses that are victims of data breach events or identity fraud. The fallout can leave numerous individuals impacted and thousands of dollars spent and unrecovered. Vero窶冱 VBiz helps your financial institution serve your valued small business accounts by providing them with unique protective services against all types of data breach & fraud events.

  • Data breach and fraud protection for small business commercial accounts
  • Full data breach recovery services for businesses to comply with federal & state laws
  • Covers up to 100 employees of business accounts with ID Theft Recovery services
  • Provides up to 25,000 of business窶 clients with recovery services in the case of a breach
  • Another source of highly profitable non-interest income for your financial institution

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