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Key ID

It is the newest way to provide your members and your Credit Union an extensive array of benefits with zero integration requirements or action on your part beyond giving it to your selected customers. It窶冱 that easy!

How does it help our members?
Key ID is absolutely loaded with features. From helping find lost keys / key fob to helping members stay on track with their auto service schedule, Key ID will help members save money, save time and stay safe.
With all of the features easily accessible through the use of the FREE Maintain App on their phone, your members will be able to:

  • Locate lost keys with their credit union branded key fob attached to their keys
  • Find the cheapest fuel near them 窶 saving hundreds of dollars annually
  • Store important auto related information such as insurance proof, emergency phone numbers, warranty information and more, all in one place
  • Receive member engagement messages for as long as they have Key ID active.
  • Geo-locate the nearest repair and road-side assistance facility
  • Receive automatic maintenance reminders.

 mileage tracker from Key ID

What窶冱 in it for us?

Key ID is so much more than just a member benefit, it also has significant benefits for your Credit Union.

Starting with an increase in member loyalty for providing such a great tool, your credit union will be seen as proactively seeking new value opportunities and utilizing new technology (blue tooth, geo-locators and more).

With Key ID installed you now have the ability to push messages to your members and capture missed product sales opportunities or promote any of your selected Credit union products. Whether it窶冱 a credit card promotion or great home loan rates, you now have a direct link to your member on the one tool they use most. Their phone.

All of this is designed to add member value and generate additional non-interest income for your credit union.

What窶冱 the catch?

There is no catch. But member installation is the key to success. It only takes 3 minutes to install the Maintain App and get your member up and running.
There are ZERO fees, ZERO integration requirements and ZERO contracts. It could not be any simpler.
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