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Mechanical Repair Coverage Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

MECHANICAL REPAIR COVERAGE (Mechanical Breakdown Insurance)

Otherwise known as an extended warranty, a mechanical repair policy offers your members the option to protect their vehicle investment and save on expensive repair bills. Members can extend coverage beyond their manufacturer窶冱 warranty or add coverage to an out-of-warranty vehicle.


Members can take their vehicle to any repair facility of their choosing anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, including the dealership. They simply give the facility their policy information and the repair shop takes care of the rest. When repairs are completed, the repair facility is paid directly with a corporate credit card.


There is no single administrator in the country who can cover a majority of vehicles, or cover them at competitive prices. Using one provider limits member窶冱 options, creates adverse model pricing and leaves many members with limited coverage choices or no coverage at all.

We have done away with the single provider model and have assembled a comprehensive portfolio of the industry窶冱 top insurers. Our coverage plans have been created specifically for credit unions and not available in dealerships or to the general public.

By using multiple providers, you can offer your members more coverage choices, and more options, at the most competitive prices available. The benefits to your members are best-in-class coverage at the absolute lowest possible prices. The benefit to your credit union is increased sales penetration.

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